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What's the freezin' difference... ?

Get the scoop on your favorite frozen desserts with this handy rundown of all the sweet things you can create with the cutting edge line of ugolini products!

  • Ice Cream

Typically made from milk, cream, sugar and flavoring, ice cream is heavily churned to add air and create a whipped, creamy texture. In the U.S., ice cream must contain at least 10% butterfat, which helps create a smooth mouthfeel.

  • Sorbet

Similar to Italian Ice, this dairy-free frozen dessert is made from sweetened water and flavoring. Some common additional ingredients include fruit juice or fruit puree, wine or liqueur.

  • Gelato

This rich, Italian dessert is generally made with milk, cream, sugar and flavoring. Compared to ice cream, it contains a higher ratio of milk to cream and usually has less fat and more sugar. It has less air added for a denser final product.

  • Frozen Yogurt

As the name implies, frozen yogurt is essentially just that. This sweet treat is often tarter than ice cream and lower in fat, and may or may not contain live and active bacteria.

  • Sherbet

Can’t decide between ice cream and sorbet? Sherbet may be the perfect solution! This frozen dessert is much like sorbet but contains 1-2% milkfat from the addition of milk or cream.

  • Frozen Custard

Decadent and rich, frozen custard is made similarly to ice cream, but with the addition of egg yolks. This creates an extra dense frozen dessert with silken and creamy texture.

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