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ARCTIC DELUXE "Impeller-20"


The ARCTIC DELUXE Impeller-20 includes models with 1 to 4 bowls, each with 20 liter capacity and built from crystal clear, shockproof, food grade polycarbonate.


Simple, versatile and easy to use, this large volume dispenser is designed to cool all types of drinks - including milk, pulpy fruit juice, coffee, tea and more - by way of its horizontal evaporator and extra-heavy stainless steel plunger. The patented magnetic submerged pump and fountain tube of the Impeller-20 model gently gitate your beverage product with an alluring cascading fountain effect along the sides of its bowls.


Quick and easy to dismantle for perfect cleaning, the ARCTIC DELUXE Impeller-20 saves you time and makes your work easier. 






Ugolini MAINTENANCE KITS contain Genuine Ugolini Parts that need to be replaced every 6 months in order to meet warranty requirements and keep your Ugolini dispenser in proper working order.


These parts include normal wear-and-tear items such as rubber gaskets and O-rings. Left unchanged, these parts may deteriorate over time and cause damage to your dispenser not covered under warranty such as breakage or leakage.


When added to your equipment order, MAINTENANCE KITS are discounted up to 25% off regular price.


    • Unibody stainless steel construction
    • Food-grade bowls and faucets easily removable
    • Drink stirring by magnetic impeller
    • Hermetically sealed compressor
    • 🇮🇹 Imported from Italy





    • Arctic Deluxe 20/1
      • Height: 67 cm
      • Width: 18 cm
      • Depth: 47 cm
      • Weight: 18 kg
      • Capacity: 20 L
    • Arctic Deluxe 20/2
      • Height: 63 cm
      • Width: 36 cm
      • Depth: 40 cm
      • Weight: 26 kg
      • Capacity: 40 L
    • Arctic Deluxe 20/3
      • Height: 63 cm
      • Width: 54 cm
      • Depth: 40 cm
      • Weight: 42 kg
      • Capacity: 60 L
    • Arctic Deluxe 20/4
      • Height: 63 cm
      • Width: 72 cm
      • Depth: 40 cm
      • Weight: 53 kg
      • Capacity: 80 L





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