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GIANT is our largest volume multifunctional dispenser specially designed to serve large quantities of product in a short period of time. With a total capacity of 30 liters and dual cooling circuit, it is designed for environments with high sales volumes. Total product visability in the large illuminated bowls guarantee an increase in sales and profit margins. Each cylinder is made from shock proof food-grade polycarbonate with 15 liter capacity. Also available in an elegant black version (special order.)


    • Mixing system by patented magnetic transmission
    • Shock proof, food-grade polycarbonate container
    • Unibody stainless steel construction
    • Hermetic compressor
    • Air-cooled condenser
    • Overload protector
    • Safety pressure switch
    • Condenser filter
    • 🇮🇹 Imported from Italy





    • GIANT
      • Height: 90 cm
      • Width: 46 cm
      • Depth: 53 cm
      • Weight: 61 kg
      • Capacity: 30 L





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