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The technically innovative Ugolini MiniGEL Plus™ has been designed to meet the needs of businesses who wants to offer their customers top quality desert soft ice cream. Compact and easy to use with simple, elegant lines it has been designed to be noticed and serve ice cream at its best. It is an exclusively Italian product for businesses that want only the best.


    • Glass presence sensor for a quick delivery
    • Compact countertop footprint is perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, or hotels
    • LED backlit images
    • Patented tank locking system
    • Graphic display for more information
    • Great for either frozen beverages or creamy frozen desserts; approved for milk products
    • Enhanced mixing system for a denser and firmer ice cream
    • Energy saving container patented system
    • 🇮🇹 Imported from Italy




    • MiniGEL Plus 1
      • Height: 62 cm
      • Width: 20 cm
      • Depth: 48 cm
      • Weight: 25 kg
      • Capacity: 6 L
    • MiniGEL Plus 2
      • Height: 62 cm
      • Width: 40 cm
      • Depth: 48 cm
      • Weight: 45 kg
      • Cylinders: 12 L




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